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Return To Eden
By Level 9 Computing
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #99

An elaborate adventure which finds Kim Kimberley inside the cockpit of his crashed stratoglider on the planet Eden. Where he goes to from there is entirely up to you, there are inumerable hazards lurking about.

Occupying more than half the normal screen area, the pictures of each location can be switched off by entering "WORDS". This leaves the screen free for dialogue which can then be re-read and adds to the continuity of the game. Entering "PICTURE" reverts back to the original layout where the dialogue is scrolled through a window at the bottom of the screen.

With none of the usual treasures to collect, points are awarded at the end of each game, depending on how many moves have been made in the right direction.

Your game may be saved to tape and loaded later.

Included with the software along with a poster, is a nine page instruction booklet. This tells in detail the events leading up to the starting scenario on Eden.

Another imaginative game from a company specialising in Level 9 Computing. A midnight oil burner.


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