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Classic Racing
By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #118

Your management of a stable of 16 racehorses - along with a fair sprinkling of luck - will determine who wins this fascinating game.

A maximum of six players can participate; less than this number and the computer fills the gaps. This is a bit iffy really. After all who knows as much about the program as the chips?

Financial resources can be gained either by winning a share of the prize money in each race, or by winning bets on the right horses. The winner is the player who finishes the game in the most affluent position.

Each race meeting consists of six races. If you are going to attend all 16 meetings then get the beer in first. It will take all night to complete.

Played amongst six of us, we found the shorter version of just four race meetings was riotous, and had us all elbowing to see the finish line approaching.

The graphic representation of each race is excellent with each horse vying for position just like for real!

No affinity to the sport is necessary. The full set of six players maximises the interaction with coarse commentators imitating course commentators.

All the .races are run over various distances, giving the owners a chance to see each horse's form. Winning the classics puts you into the big money league and increases your chances of winning the entire game.

A pricey program but well worth the gamble.


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