Home Computing Weekly

Spook Loot
By Andtronic
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #102

This is another maze game with walls built of bricks.

The five-minute load time seems an eternity, with nothing on the screen at all, apart from the occasional message to let you know that the program is still loading.

"Read error b" is also indicated far too often, which means rewinding the tape and starting all over again.

At the start of the game, looking quite humanoid, you are placed inside the maze and can be moved around using either the keyboard or a joystick.

Your objective is to find all the hidden treasures spread throughout the 160 rooms. If you achieve this part you then have to locate the hidden button to a secret passage, and presumably the end of the game.

I liked the original design of the many evil spirits set on your downfall. The only defence to their repeated attacks is your slow motion shotgun which sprays a veritable hail of pellets at all and sundry, reducing your enemies to a cloud of dust.

The large, clear, smooth-moving graphics make the screen display pleasing, though the walls of the maze soon become claustrophobic.

As the attackers seem to approach from the same direction each time the game is played, it becomes comparatively easy to shoot to kill.

On the other hand, remembering which room you are in is no simple matter, nor is finding all those rooms.

Having played the game for an unhealthy length of time with still only a quarter of them located, this would seem the ultimate challenge.


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