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The Wild Bunch
By Firebird
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #114

Set in the Wild West, this is by far the best adventure program I have seen in many, many months.

Instead of struggling to communicate with the program, all the available options are listed on the screen and require just one key press to provoke a response that will move you forward through the desert. With no incomprehensible messages to content with the entire game time is devoted to working out the best strategy.

Trying to track down a murderer, being hunted yourself for. the crime, locating the whereabouts of the Wild Bunch and then identifying the real villain, will have you planning ahead continuously.

Clues can be bought from the telegraph office, money may be won at poker in the saloon and the store will sell you all the victuals necessary for several days journey between the five towns depicted on a map.

The realistic storyline is easy to relate to, and comes as a refreshing change from dungeons, wizards, castles and vampires.

I can't wait to return to Dry Gulch, Dodge City, Bulletville and Deadman’s Creek, only next time I'll remember to buy some bullets first.

> A worthy addition to your software library that will move most other adventurers to the back row.

Get this one ... have a lot of fun, oh and don't forget to feed your horse!


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