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Home Accounts Manager
By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #114

Very much more than the title suggests, this neatly prepared utility program comprises four main options.

Home accounts, bank account, address file and utilities are all menu driven sections of the main program and themselves lead to further nested menus as appropriate.

The home accounts section is split into four further parts which allow you to tailor the records to your own personal requirements, enter all the latest expenses incurred, view the records either individually or collectively either on screen or as from the printer.

Bank account is divided into six further parts covering all main banking transactions. Included are credits and debits, standing orders, banking and interest charges.

Address file allows storage of names, addresses and telephone numbers. Additionally a very useful sort routine is included which accesses any of six different fields within the main address file. Thus sorting by name, street, town, county or even telephone number, is readily available. Again output is either to the screen or printer.

Utilities is the last section of this comprehensive home accounts program. Here a check can be made on the amount of memory and free space that is still vacant for the files, or a file may be removed from the records.

Also within this section is a very useful loan calculator that handles various interest rates, though I foxed it with a zero interest loan which caused some confusion.

To sum up then, a thoroughly worthwhile program that is exceptional value for money and ideal for anybody who takes life really seriously.


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