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Dragon's Gold
By Romik
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #107

The current dearth of moving graphic adventure games seems set to continue.

Dragon's Gold is yet another version with chunky graphics which fall well behind the quality set by others.

Without the need to collect objects en route, and with three lives to squander, success is entirely dependent upon fast reactions on the Joystick.

The gold is to be found within a six-roomed castle, small by any standards.

Hazards to be avoided are dust, bubbles, spiders, robots, moving walls and of course the dragon.

You arrive at the castle carrying an empty chest. While the chest is empty you wend your way through the castle to the dragon's room, wherein lies the gold.

On finding the gold you go to the first room where the chest was deposited and claim the reward.

A guaranteed 1000 points for bringing the gold out safely is increased by the addition of bonus points. These will accumulate each time your magic missile spell shooter annihilates one of the nasties.

Full instructions are provided on screen and are repeated on the cassette inlay.

This retrograde step in games programming lacks all signs of originality. Even the simple hi-score feature has been cut to the core.

All the rooms are presented as ground plans, with ne'er a view of the castle, however small.

Dragon's Gold certainly doesn't represent value for money in today's volatile software market, where superb graphics and sound are available in abundance.


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