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Home Computing Weekly

Fantastic Voyage
By Quicksilva
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #110

If you enjoyed the film you'll find this exceptional game fascinating, as you control the diver swimming around the human body seeking six parts of a miniaturised submarine to rebuild in the brain. Completed, it shrinks and leaves the body via a secret route. I suspect that biologists would disagree with the routes available between organs and some names used.

Unfortunately infections, causing the body temperature to rise eventually killing the "host", occur from time to time in various parts of the body - shown on the bodymap at screen right and labelled at screen top. Your position is also indicated on the map and you must laser the infection to continue - or die, when temperature reaches critical.

Your way is also blocked by growths: you must collect a white cell to destroy them. If your energy, sapped by swimming, standing and firing the laser, gets too low then you turn red and finally become invisible until red cells are collected. Cholesterol - yellow dots - can be lasered to allow you to pass, and green viruses break out after the first submarine part has been assembled; they must be destroyed or they'll destroy you.

Screen top also shows score, time, lives and percentage collected. The use of sound is not distracting and the graphics are extremely well drawn and coloured. Movement is in precise response to keys and a new screen instantly replaces the last. A brilliant, addictive way to learn your way - literally - around the body.