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Builder Ben
By Scorpio Gamesworld
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #88

The most astonishing thing about this game is its low price, considering that it is a professionally written good quality game.

The scenario is that you take the persona of Builder Ben, a small hard-hatted figure who has to scale a brick wall to collect tools with wihch to build houses. Intent on thwarting his plans are his foreman who throws rocks at him, a green brick-beetle which flies along, and a pink one-ton weight. Each is animated very well in sprite colours.

Having successfully gathered three tools, Ben goes on to build a house. On a coloured scaffolding, he scales ladders and collects bricks which drop down to form rather dubious dwellings. Again, the militant tools march about intent on his literal downfall. This time help in the form of shields protect him from the marauding hardware.

Builder Ben is a well-written game with good graphics and passable sound. Even at a standard price it would be fairly good, but its low cost makes it an offer you can't refuse. I would probably get bored with it eventually but it's well worth a try.