Home Computing Weekly

Tank Atak

Author: D.A.
Publisher: Supersoft
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #26

Tank Atak is a version of the arcade favourite Battlezone, adapted for the 64 and with many of the features of the original.

A distant mountain range can be seen through a tanks gun sights. The cross hairs can be moved using the joystick to aim at the enemy vehicles. Only a direct hit on the turrets of the enemy tanks when they are in range will destroy them.

Enemy forces come in four types. The basic enemy is a green tank which will attempt to run for cover before turning to fire. Blue command tanks will come straight as you, and must be hit quickly. Each of these is accompanied by a harmless reconnaissance saucer which is worth bonus points.

Survive ten attacks and you go to the next wave, with a chance of hilling the flagship for a large bonus. Sound and graphics are used to the full in this imaginative game, which makes an irueresting change from the usual hectic shoot-out.


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