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Home Computing Weekly

Percy Penguin
By Superior
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #90

The arcade game of Pengo has been transferred to various machines with varying success. This is a standard version from Superior, and is one of their first releases for the Commodore. Loading took only a couple of minutes and was error-free despite no fast-load facility.

The plot is the standard ice-cubes into position to gain bonus points, while being pursued by several green Sno-Bees, which march about the screen to a depressing tune. Percy kills the Bees by pushing ice-blocks at them, which gets more difficult on each screen. Lining up the three magic blocks gives a bonus score based on the time taken. I found the joystick control a little sluggish, but with practise you can play more confidently.

This one is a little slower than the original, the graphics are clear and well-defined, but it lacks variety even though different levels are available. Dedicated fans of the game will enjoy it, but it is not what I would call the definitive version and may prove disappointing to arcade players.


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