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Motor Mania
By Audiogenic
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #32

You can almost smell the burning rubber and the hissing radiator in Motor Mania, a fast, realistic and exciting race car game which combines good graphics and highly effective sound in a superb package.

On running, the display shows your instrument panel complete with speedometer, fuel gauge, battery charge, and spare tyre indicator. On the left, a graphic display of the road shows your car positioned at a garage, and a light touch of the joystick sends it off down the track.

The road is full of hazards such as potholes, which cause you to skid, broken glass, which will puncture a tyre, logs which will pierce your radiator and cause overheating problems. You even have to contend with avalanches.

All these obstacles can be avoided with skilful driving, to amass as many miles on the mileometer as you can with five cars.

The detail in this game is amazing. Fuel can be replenished at one of the garages en route, as can spare tyres, radiator, etc.


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