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Home Computing Weekly

Easy Sprite
By Tue Software
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #16

As the name suggests, this package allows you to create your own Sprites (moveable graphics characters similar to those on the Atari machines), and use them in future programs of your own. Upon running, the display shows a large box representing the area occupied by a Sprite on the screen.

A moveable cursor which is controlled by the cursor keys can then be used to colour in squares and so build up the shape of the Sprite. When complete, the Sprite is then converted into a series of data statements.

Other options include: Display Sprite, which moves the created shape across the main screen in in true size; Change Sprite. which allows alteration of the current character, and Create New Sprite, which features an audible and visual warning that any previous shapes will be lost.

There was no documentation supplied with the review copy, and bugs in the program were apparent throughout its use.


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