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Home Computing Weekly

Jungle Jumble
By Computer Tutor
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #42

The basic idea is simple and well executed, with the child - and parent - being welcomed by Clever Clogs asking their name.

A real or silly animal is chosen, which will be hidden behind a rectangle of 18 x 19 question marks.

Correct responses to questions make C.C. smile and some question marks disappear revealing the animal.

Wrong answers cause him to grimace and parts of the picture to black out.

Eventually the computer says "Well done" and exposes the animal and the Safari Game starts.

A truck is driven to a tent, missing trees and entering the first letters of animals that momentarily flash up stopping the truck.

"The child that shines is the one whose parents take *time* to support classwork work" states the insert to this program, that will only be as useful as the quantity and quality of parental input.

So it is a shameful omission, on an otherwise useful aid, that it is impossible to alter the questions in the way stated.

"Press p for play" only appears at the start - it has to be reloaded to make alterations!


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