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Home Computing Weekly

Fun To Learn
By Shards
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #77

It's a great pity that the government left off the C64 from its recommended computers for the classroom - especially when you find software like this.

Fun to Learn is a suite of five games written by a teacher and tested in schools (so Shards claim). The strength is that, rather than leave you stuck in one game, after each question you can continue or return to the menu. A sixth option enables you to examine a score card which keeps a track of your performance.

You can play Count, in which letters are randomly placed and the machine measures the time taken to count the letters.

Mixer is an anagram game which gives clues to help you unravel the jumbled word. Calculator is a cumulative sum which gets progressively more difficult. Starship is a version of hangman and Codebreaker introduces simple codes.

Codebreaker and Starship give the option to enter your own words so that two children can play the games together.

Overall, all the routines run quickly and effectively and the overall design is good. The use of sound is good and graphics are average. This is a good package which should give hours of fun.