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Summer Games
By Quicksilva
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #89

The Olympics has produced a plethora of games based on athletics events. Summer Games is a more original collection and includes swimming and running, pole vaulting, gymnastics, diving and clay pigeon shooting.

The swimming and running tended to be mindless but the other events required a little skill and practice. The game is disc based and offers nice options and excellent graphics. If you want to perfect your performance in any events, there is a practice mode. Up to eight players can take part and a choice of several nationalities is available. At the end of each event the medal ceremony takes place. Record scores are recorded on the disc for future games.

The graphics are excellent using sprites on multi-colour hi-resolution backdrops. There is an opening ceremony with Olympic flame and doves. The sound is good with nice tunes and applause.

This is streets ahead of the others in graphics, animation, realism and originality. It is however, rather over-priced.