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Parky And The Yellow Submarine
By Cheetahsoft
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #114

In addition to involvement with hardware for the 64, Cheetah also now produces software. This game is essentially a maze game with a large number of screens. The plot is simple. You control Parley, a South Atlantic Penguin, in his search for his twin brother Perry. The unfortunate Perry is trapped somewhere in the maze of subterranean caverns, each inhabited by a variety of nasties which move about in varying pattern. There are also moving barriers. Contact with any of these, or the walls means instant loss of life.

The solution of the game involves timing and sorting out the correct method of avoiding each nasty. The space available in some areas is extremely limited making careful control essential. I found this feature of the game a little unsatisfying. Instead of using a special display sequence to show Parky's demise, the screen simply goes blank with a simple written phrase.

The graphics are competent but unexceptional with simple unanimated hi-resolution sprites for the nasties. The background music comprised of the Magic Roundabout theme. This was sufficiently irritating to have me reaching for the volume control.

As a bonus, a partial map of the caverns is supplied with the game. The first 50 people supplying a complete map will receive a free copy of the follow-up. Overall a tough and tolerably challenging game which is fair value at the price.