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Up And Add 'Em
By Fisher Price
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #93

Fisher-Price have for many years had a reputation for selling quality toys at a reasonable price. Now they are entering the software market with four educational packages.

It aims to teach numbers up to ten with a variety of dancing animals. There are four levels of difficulty. In the first the child picks a number and guides an animal to the balloons illustrating that number. If the child is correct the balloons lift the rabbit, kangaroo or penguin up into the clouds and part of a rainbow will appear. The child continues until there is a complete rainbow. The rabbit then dances for joy. The fourth level has simple sums and the same rainbow format.

This is a very good program. Its delightful graphics and music kept my four year old entertained for some time and helped him learn. It's well worth looking at. It needs a joystick.