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Caverns Of Sillahc
By Interceptor Micros
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #118

This game demonstrates its originality by its name. Yes you guessed it, it's the author's surname in reverse - neat, eh? In fact, that's probably the only original bit of the game, as you will soon surmise.

According to the scenario printed on the cassette insert, the game involves exploring subterranean caverns and retrieving agricultural androids. In order to achieve this goal you must avoid aerial mines and sundry obstacles. Your vehicle, a converted agricultural robot sprayer - sic - is equipped with the mandatory plasma guns. Apart from a few cosmetic changes, this game is effectively very similar to Fort Apocaplypse. This is particularly evident in the underground section.

The graphics are clean, colourful and well designed. Animation and scrolling are smooth and well implemented.

Your spaceship looks rather like an ovoid with big ears and has an annoying habit of dropping to the ground unless you take suitable action. To add to your problems, the ship has limited fuel reserves. Although I haven't proven it, I suspect that the only way of refueling is by locating certain points within the caverns. To collect the androids, you simply hover over them.

Overall, this program is well written and does have an addictive element. This factor, however, is due more to the concept than the implementation. The instructions are a model of poor grammar but were good for a laugh.


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