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Front Line
By Interceptor Micros
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #105

Here is yet another variant on the scrolling map, wargame scenario. You control a tank and are set the task of recovering supply dumps from the enemy. The action takes place on a group of islands, and you view the proceedings from above. The map of the islands is much larger than the screen and it scrolls in any of the four cardinal directions as required.

The supply dumps arc depicted by small grey rectangles and they are recovered by driving your tank over them. All sounds pretty simple, eh? Well, the main fly in the ointment is the sundry enemy units. These range from tanks and line mines to aircraft and helicopters which fire homing missiles. There are even homing fireballs which emerge from holes in the ground and pursue you. Contact with any of the aforesaid nasties results in reduction of your armour. This protection can, however, be recovered with each supply dump you rescue. When all armour is lost, you lose your one life.

The graphics are clear and colourful and are generally adequate. The map shows all the usual features of roads, buildings bridges, rivers and trees. The· use of sound is excellent with a nicely arranged piece of war movie music droning along in the background. The most irritating aspect of the game is that it's appallingly addictive.

This really is a case of - just one more go. My four year old son nipped over it. Overall, great value and great fun.