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Home Computing Weekly

Number Tumblers
By Fisher Price
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #93

This is an example of Fisher-Price's initial foray into the software market. It's a mathematics-based game aimed at the eight to 12 year age group but which will probably be attractive to older users (and even adults).

It is cartridge-based and is easy to plug into the computer and use; it is instantaneously loaded, beating even Nova-load.

The game opens with a comprehensive options page through which you can vary many of the game's parameters, including an option to play either alone, against an opponent or the computer. You must also decide whether to use + and - or * and / or a combination of all four. Decide on your speed and whether the product of your labours will be two, three, four or five digit numbers and you are ready to play.

The aim is to bounce around a grid using the numbers thereon with the arithmetic signs to create one of a series of five pre-determined numbers. It is a game of fast and furious fun and quick-thinking. I have found it to be highly addictive.

It needs a joystick.