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Caverns Of Khafka
By Cosmi
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #80

This is the latest offering from the author of Forbidden Forest and Aztec Challenge. The question is, does it live up to the same high standard? The answer is no. Whilst the same imaginative use of user-defined graphics is utilized this game doesn't have their addictive quality.

The action takes place in a maze of caverns shown in side view. You control an Indiana Jones-type character in his search for sacred tablets.

He is opposed by vampire bats, scarabs, falling rocks and pools of larva and acid. This hero is quite versatile being able to walk, jump, crawl, climb a rope and shoot (all by means of the joystick!).

When a tablet is found, it must be carried via a lift to a spot in the bowels of the earth. Collect five, and you are conveyed to the inner sanctum where you must avoid guards and reach the statue of the sphinx. If you achieve this you are awarded cash and the saga is repeated.

Overall, a great idea using great graphics and nice sound which rapidly runs out of steam.