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Sorcerer's Apprentice
By Phoenix
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #62

This company uses a novel format in that they sell double cassette sets. One cassette is an arcade-type game and the other a textual adventure. The arcade game gives clues on how to solve the adventure. These clues are obtained when you reach the end of various skill levels. You are the sorcerer's apprentice trying to stop animated brooms from filling a well.

The game is graphically good but the levels were so long that it was a game of endurance rather than skill, and soon became boring. To pile on the agony, Ducas' music was murdered in the background.

The adventure is a little more challenging. Your quest is to locate the spell to stop the brooms. The scenario is a slightly improbable wizard's house (I didn't know that wizards watched TV). The game has lots of problems to solve and soon makes the brain hurt.

It does have some weaknesses, one being that the interpreter only recognises the first two letters of your commands so that DRAIN SUMP would be treated the same way as DROP SUITCASE.

Overall, a fair package.