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Home Computing Weekly

Eiffel Tower
By Chalksoft
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #110

This new addition to the Chalksoft educational range is aimed at children over nine and it-is suitable for the user who is starting to learn French or the more advanced user who wants to brush up _ on vocabulary before going on holiday.

Each side of the cassette carries a different part. Side A covers such topics as home, food, motoring, entertainment and sport. Side B has further word lists including school, shopping and time.

The basis of the program is very simple. You must build the Eiffel Tower. To do this you type in the correct translation to a word written on the screen. There is a code system for the entry of accents etc. If your answer is correct, a section of the tower is erected, if not the correct answer is written on the screen for you to memorise. The original question is then repeated. When the tower is completed you are given a rating varying from apprentice to craftsman.

Revision lists and options to load your own word lists are given. One useful section deals with those little important words which are often ignored in language programs. These include-before, after, behind, in front of etc.

The program Turbo loads with little trouble. The graphics are simple but effective and some jolly tunes are used. A nice "fail proof" approach is used so that you can have infinite attempts at a word until you succeed. Overall, a good buy.