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Home Computing Weekly

Maths Invaders
By Stell
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #61

In my experience, children generally enjoy playing more than work. If you combine play with work children can learn without realising it.

This game follows the usual space invader format as you have to shoot down invading spaceships. However, in this case, the spaceships have a maths problem and to shoot them down you have to hit them with the correct answer. Your gun fires with a satisfying crack and, all being well, the ship will explode. Speed is of essence, as is dexterity. If you do not answer quickly enough, another bank of invaders appears. There are fifteen ships in a wave and when you have killed them all a siren sounds.

There are twelve types of sum: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, at medium and hard levels. There was little difference between easy and hard multiplication, but the difference in addition and subtraction levels was evident.

Technically the game is well executed with adequate graphics and sound. Not unexpectedly the game is not up to the standard of many of the arcade games, but then again, they don't try to teach you anything!