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Prediction Birthday File
By Blandford Press
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #98

This set comprises a cassette and book. From the prominence of the word 'Prediction' in the title, and the book covered in astological signs, I thought I was in for an interesting time.

The book is an introduction to astrology and explains how you can set about constructing a birth chart and then interpret it. This is fine, but what it doesn't tell you on the packaging is that you need several other books and special paper before you can start.

The book is well written, but very technical and quite difficult for a beginner. The write-up on the back of the box states that together the book and program provide a complete astrological workshop and I expected to be able to input relevant data, then go back to the book for an interpretation. Instead, all the cassette contained was a very slow loading birthday file, into which you can enter details of friends' birthdays.

The cassette was so slow to load that it would be quicker writing the birthday in a book. Overall, an expensive waste of time.