Flexifriend (Camel) Review | Home Computing Weekly - Everygamegoing

Home Computing Weekly

By Camel
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #99

Fitting comfortably between the over-simplified and restrictive style of some and the complexities of many home budget programs, Flexifriend is a friend indeed.

Offering seven well-chosen options on the main menu, it will be of inestimable value to anyone looking for such a financial toolkit with a clear and concise screen display.

An eight page instruction book accompanies the cassette, which is indexed and cross-referenced, obviating the tedium of switching back and forth to screen instructions.

There are two bar graphs and a forward projection of the way your money matters are heading if you don't change course: could be a real life saver!

When called, a built in calculator neatly overwrites the main menu. The result of your calculations is retained in memory for recall at any time, thus error-trapping the input of data via the keyboard.

A disc-based system would put beef on the bones of this program, which suffers from the limitations associated with sequential file handling on cassette.

Not for the faint hearted as the results of running this program can be terrifying.


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