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Home Computing Weekly

By Modular Resources
Spectrum 16K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #99

The package of this tape quotes a "well-known reviewer" praising this game. It sure as heck ain't me... I think it's weird! It's supposed to be an espionage game set in the oil business, but it appears to be a game of deduction based on 'O' Level organic chemistry!

You take a test to select a cover story for your work in the company where you are to discover a mole. Simple questions on the catalytic cracking of petroleum, and the dry distillation of coal soon face you, and even if you type rubbish in reply, you are given your code number.

You receive requests for info from people within the company. From these you have to work out who's asking for information they shouldn't, and hence unsnout the mole. Fail, and you get a new number, but the same questions. Type rubbish again, and it makes no difference. Even the printed instructions are no help - there aren't any!

Instead of the free pen, etc, the money would have been better spent on programming and printing.


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