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Azimuth Adjustment Program And Head Cleaning Tape
By Kiltdale
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #124

The service manual for the CPC464 recommends the use of a meter and a test tape for setting the alignment of the cassette head azimuth. Whilst Amsoft warn of forfeited warranties, and the folly of using "home" tapes, they obviously work - I've proved that myself - and sales seem to indicate the need for them.

This one has an on-screen picture to indicate the screw to turn, and the single cassette has a long leader which is made from a non-woven head cleaning material. Once the program has loaded, a pointer is attached to the small screwdriver supplied and the screw turned until the border changes colour, then back a bit, and the position is marked. The same is done going the other way, then the pointer turns to the centre line between the two marks and the job's done.

By comparison to the Interceptor Micros package, the screwdriver with this kit isn't a cross point and so slips out of the tiny screw head much more easily, and the cassette body itself slops about in the deck, whereas Interceptor's is a specially made precision job, reducing the chance of poor tape path alignment. Similarly, dry tape head cleaning just isn't as good as little meths on a cotton bud rubbed on the head and pinch wheel.

I haven't the equipment to state categorically which of these tapes works the best, but I feel happier using the Interceptor version, despite its higher price.


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