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Home Computing Weekly

By Leisure Genius
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #121

I have to confess that I don't like Cluedo as a board game, and find it very boring, however...

The basic idea is as follows, you are shown the ground floor plan of a house, and the house are six people and six weapons. At the start of each game a location, a weapon and a murderer are chosen by the computer. Each player, who can be computer or human-controlled, is then given "clue cards" - person, weapon, location - and thus if the clue is in your hand, those things can't have been used for the murder.

The game proceeds by throwing a dice. You then move the appropriate number of squares. When you eventually get into a room, you may make a suggestion as to who did the murder in that room and with which weapon. All the other players must then look at their cards, and the first one to hold one of the suggestions you have made, must show it to you.

Thus by a process of elimination and movement about the house, you can determine who diid what to whom, where, and with what. When you are absolutely sure, you can make an accusation. If right, you win. If wrong, you are out of the game which then continues without you.

Not the most suitable game for computer implementation - your opponents can cheat easily - but an adequate technical job. Even though you can turn off the awful sound, it still takes ages to play. But, if you like Cluedo...


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