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Home Computing Weekly

By Games Workshop
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #103

D-Day is not so much a game as a simulation. It's complex, and features a map of the battle zones, including disposition of both Allied and German troops and weaponry. It is this map over which the screen window scrolls.

Play against the computer is impossible, you need a friend, and you can Choose which of the battle scenarios to use; the landing, breaking out, to Arnhem, Arnhem invasion. Each of these has to be loaded separately from tape, an obvious use for Microdrives, but no provision is made for them. Though you can ask the computer to deploy your troops for you, it's clearly better to sort it out yourself, it does take time however. Via a complex set of cursor keys you can then manipulate your forces according to an overall map which can be called up at any time.

A vast amount of information is available about the different types of troops and weapons, together with their readiness for battle, the type of terrain and so on. Through the computer you must unload trucks, bring supplies ashore, including tanks, fight and fire. Although the manual goes into detail about all this, it's hard to understand, and in places doesn't seem to make sense.

Graphically, although attractive, the screen is crude, but this should not deter the hardened war gamer at which this package appears to be aimed. Certainly not for the arcade freak. A specialist may appreciate it even at this slightly high price.


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