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The Ring Of Darkness
By Wintersoft
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #61

A define-your-own-character adventure which is more graphics than text. Having decided who and what you are, you flip the cassette and LOAD the main game code block.

A graphics window on an enormous playing area is ~ revealed, with rivers, seas and ~ castles. Assailed by a number of nasties, your equally crudel drawn and animated traverses the area seeking something. Of services to one of the kings and quest will be set.

As you play you gain in experience, consume food, acquire gold and arrival in a location. displayed in arcade style, means opportunity to barter for arms, transport and so on. Some castles conceal entrances to underground mazes, drawn in rather fine 3D, which require yet more code to be loaded. Indeed, on some occasions, you will need to flip the cassette again.

The beauty of this game is its infinite variation. Change your character and the game responds in a totally different way. Implementation on Microdrives would add speed to what is already quite a sophisticated program.

Although the graphics andlanguage interpreter are not beyond criticism, well worth looking at.


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