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Home Computing Weekly

Urban Upstart
By Richard Shepherd
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #46

This is very different; the world's first seedy software! An illustrated adventure, Urban Upstart is set in Scarthorpe, "the sort of town where even the dogs carry flick-knives!" You have to find your way out of this menacing urban jungle.

You start, at 3am, in a house on Grime Street opposite Arthur's Bookstore, just south of Cut-Throat Alley! Get the picture? Every twist and turn leads you into a wasteland of decay and ever more sordid scenarios.

In common with the best adventures, this has a subtle thread of humour running through it. The first time I played it, I was astounded to find myself arrested for indecent exposure. While languishing in jail, I had time to work out why. Earlier, I had found a pair of dungarees, taken them, gone on to Grime Street and discovered an umbrella. Having failed to don the trousers, I bent down to pick up the brolly and... whoops!

Locations are quickly drawn, the illustrations are good. You have the usual "fun" trying to work out the vocabulary, but don't input any naughty words or the police will swoop, even if you happen to be in hospital.

Great fun and highly recommended, but don't forget your trousers!


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