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That's The Spirit
By The Edge
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #124

What do I know about this game? Well I had trouble with the turbo loader until I cleaned my cassette heads, the "instructions" tell you everything except the object of the game, and they have a printed overlay for the keyboard which won't fit the Spectrum + and isn't cut out for the Spectrum. The info does tell you about chasing ghosts around New York, and you can see them on the screen, a sort of mini-octopus wearing a shroud, but is this an original idea?

Hailed (by the publishers) as an icon driven graphic adventure, it allows the issue of a very limited number of single word commands by the pressing of one key, hence the overlay. A very nicely programmed New York sky and landscape scrolls in the background whilst you steer your little man, reasonably animated, across the screen. Various objects are there for the taking, and you can examine them by a magnification command. You can also connect them together for use, though after four hours effort I couldn't use any of them because a small ghost kept driving me barmy according to the insanity indicator on the screen.

I just couldn't get anywhere, but that doesn't mean you won't. I suspect that you will either be really challenged, the blurb says the solution takes months, or disgusted by your own ineptitude in getting going, which is what I feel at the moment. Reviewing doesn't give you weeks to ponder puzzles like this!


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