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Home Computing Weekly

Classic Adventure
By Melbourne House
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #58

This really is what it suggests, the classic Dungeons and Dragons type text-only adventure. And as such, it's superb! No manual with this. The barest of instructions leave you lots to explore.

You find yourself outside a building. After much wandering, you may eventually find the entrance to the underground maze of caverns, and it's huge! I say may, because part of the enjoyment of a decent adventure is trying to work out the rules and how to move around. Much pleasure is gained from trying to outwit the programmer.

There are dragons, trolls, dwarves, all unfriendly, and you can collect diamonds, golden eggs, nuggets and so on. You will find various objects to help, but I never met a friendly creature yet. One of the delights is the cruel humour. Once you reach the cavern called Witts End, you're really in trouble, and should you trype in a naughty word out of frustration, the result is entertaining to say the least.

Every Spectrum owner should have this. It's excellent, but be warned, it's also very addictive. Previously published as Adventure 1 by Abersoft at £9.95.


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