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Home Computing Weekly

By Tomorrow's Dream
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #103

Titan is a machine code utility/ development program of the type generally referred to as a monitor. This allows you to examine code already written either by yourself, or, indeed, by a commercial programmer.

Slightly smaller than 5.5K, Titan can be loaded almost anywhere in RAM allowing you to examine non-relocatable code to be run in the area for which it was written. Once the two are loaded, you activate Titan by a USR call. The display in command mode is of the 'front panel' variety which shows the current state of all the Z80 registers, what they contain, and what the address in memory pointed to by the register, contains. In addition, there are four 'windows' on memory which you can define allowing a constant 'peek' into the areas used by your program, Flags are also displayed.

Instructions for driving the program are contained in the accompanying manual, and a brief run-down of the commands is also given on a reference card; a good idea this, since there's nothing more frustrating than to have to dive into a complex manual in order to find a single command. Having said that, this is not really a package for a beginner. You must understand the principles and language associated with Z80 code in order to use it, and be fluent in hexadecimal notation.

Given that, all the usual facilities for disassembly, searching, modifying and single stepping are here, and output can be directed to a full size printer.


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