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Home Computing Weekly

The Last Jedi
By Amazing Games
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #31

A 48K text adventure, complete with six-page manual for only £4 has to be a good buy! I had some problems loading the title page; the recording seems to have a peculiar gap between the header and program. Access to the loader allowed loading to continue, and revealed the program to be in Basic.

The graphic design of the title page and instructions are super, though accompanied by an excruciatingly out of tune rendition of the Star Wars theme.

As the last Jedi, your mission is to seek out and kill the Emperor in the caverns of the Sith Lords armed only with psi-Power and your light sabre, when you can find it!

Not only can you take, open and kill things, but, using psi-Power you can will people to sleep. Very handy when you encounter the odd stormtrooper or two blocking your way!

The game responds quickly to your typed commands and must be complicated enough for the most dedicated adventure fanatic. (I can't even find the light sabre!)

Excellent value, with hours of intrigue; just two things mar this product, the loading program and some rather quaint spelling mistakes.


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