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The Runes Of Zendos
By Dorcas
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #95

An adventure with delightfully animated graphics. Release the land of Dorcasia from the influence of the wizard Zendos by finding and releasing the power of twelve spells, then say the magic word. Just one snag! The words are written in a runic script, and you have to work out its meaning by collecting clues.

The graphics are Miner-esque rather than Hobbit-esque, and the elves, goblins, metamorphs and objects can be seen as your animated figure moves about. Rather fine. Not only that, but when you find an inscription, it is mercifully added to the list of things that you are carrying. I found the graphics a real bonus. They added considerably to my pleasure.

The inlay instructions are really detailed, as are the directions for saving your position to tape or Microdrive, though not the whole program. Shame!

One of the best things about the structure of this adventure is that it does give you a decent chance to get started before it gets awkward. Compulsive fun, but rather pricey.


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