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Home Computing Weekly

Treasure Hunt Tool-Kit
By G. W. Components UK
Spectrum 16K/48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #68

This package comprises seven programs linked by a menu, designed to help you crack the word puzzles and codes found in books and competitions.

The program will accept a jumbled anagram, and juggle it in an effort to make sense of it. All you do is push the button! Or how about codes? The program will allow you to assign numbers to letters and read off the code, or change the assignment at will in an attempt to crack someone else's, and, similarly, you can assign different letters to the alphabet in a predetermined way.

The program is written in Basic, but is fast enough. The graphics are well thought out and clear with good use of colour and sound. They make the presentation much more professional.

Apparently the book "With Interest" by David I. Betts, a story of space invaders is littered with coded puzzles. Crack the codes and you can claim a large cash prize. A percentage of sales goes to a Jimmy Savile charity appeal so this is a very worthwhile package - a really absorbing challenge. A £1 voucher is included.


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