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Home Computing Weekly

Bridge Master
By Bridgemaster
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #66

This super package features 26 hands of the game, chosen to teach specific ideas, together with a spoken commentary tape.

The screen shows the bidding, according to the Acol system, and you take the only human part. Your Spectrum is both partner and opponents. Once a contract is made, the display changes, and yours and the dummy hand arc shown. The commentary guides your play and you win!

You can summon up several modes. AUTOPLAY allows you to sit back, watch and ponder the play, PEEP lets you see all the hands. FREEPLAY adds the facility to play all the hands yourself, and RESTART means just that.

The graphics are superb. the user inputs idiot-proof. and the action fascinating. There's even a help feature. I would have liked the facility to play without the computer stopping me making wrong decisions. This is. however, a teaching program, not a simulation. A little pricey, and you should know quite a lot about the game before you use it, Bridgemaster is excellent.


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