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Home Computing Weekly

Alcatraz Harry
By Mastertronic
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #84

If you can imagine a Tranz-Am type plot, based on a prison camp, then you have the idea for Alcatraz Harry.

A large playing area, on which the screen is a small window, represents the camp, complete with guards, buildings and tunnels. You have a system of co-ordinates to help with location problems, and Harry must go around collecting escape gear; ladders, ropes, guns, etc. watched by guards. Visit the same location twice, and they get nasty!

Once you have collected the gear, and recovered the secret files (perhaps using one of the cars left about) you can escape; if you can find the hole in the fence!

There's no question that Alcatraz Harry is not up to the highest standards of Spectrum software. It's largely in Basic with the characters driven round as opposed to being animated by machine code.

The plot is well known, and the graphics are just as good as some I've seen for £5.95. It is sometimes said that you get what you pay for! Here, by comparison, you get more than you pay for. A satisfactory game for a modest outlay.


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