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Home Computing Weekly

By Romantic Robot
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #107

It's the annual Maggot Marathon, folks, so wriggle right up! You control one of the contestants at the off. As soon as you start to follow one of the other maggots, however, you soon realise that this is no ordinary arcade game.

You start in the garden, a complex maze of walls and flowers nicely executed in full colour. Though the maggot animation is good, the marauding ants, bugs and spiders which begin to assail you are really rather fine. With luck, you may find some ant powder to help you, as well as several other useful objects.

This is only the start, because if you manage to find your way out of the garden - and it's not easy - you discover that this is an adventure with many locations, broken down into four major areas, the garden, the scrubland, the underground, and the mansion, to say nothing of Hell. Each of these has its own hazards and characteristics like platforms, levels and conveyor belts.

Your eventual aim is to find the finish, but it will certainly take you many evenings of learning the significance of the different objects. You won't learn the maze, however, since it's different each time! Good sound too, with a "music to wriggle by" track on the tape.

A number of keyboard control configurations are catered for, together with Kempston and Sinclair joysticks, and the package is distinguished by abnormally literate and full instructions on the illustrated inlay card. Absorbing fun, well produced and at the right price.


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