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Home Computing Weekly

Intermediate Science
By Scisoft
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #95

An interesting mixture of chemistry and biology. Choose from name, symbol, atomic weight, group and form, of an element; from name, habitat, movement, structure, saprophyte/parasite or invertebrate animals from the database.

The computer searches for any entry which satisfies the conditions you specified. It works quickly and the results are printed to the screen, though output to a printer would have been useful.

The other two programs are based on an adventure format, and look identical. Not a good motivational point. In one you have to protect a 'bug' whilst wandering round Mystery Mansion. Each room has different conditions, and the action you take to protect the bug determines whether it lives or dies. Similarly, the selection of objects found is determined by scientific knowledge.

The final program deals with your attempt to pollinate a plant and, here again, your knowledge will help you and you move through the house.

The trouble with using a game concept is that it immediately draws comparison with a game in presentation terms. This just doesn't stand up.


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