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Home Computing Weekly

Turbo Driver
By B. O. S. Software
Spectrum 16K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #23

Turbo Driver doesn't quite match up to the specialised game console versons, but, then again, it doesn't cost £29.95!

Your car is left standing on the start line, and you must weave your way through many hazards, before catching the pack. It is then a question of trying to keep out of trouble, and in the lead, while four other cars try to carve you up!

The screen display is very fast and smooth-scrolling through the hoped-for 3D effect isn't quite right. Don't expect spectacular technicolour crashes either.

Each time you hit a hazard or a barrier, you simply use more fuel, and thus finish that bit sooner than you hoped. I suspect that the addition of a Kempston Joystick, for which the game is set up, would add to your chances.

I found the program good fun, without having to learn a million new buttons to press. And I was impressed by the sound. If the Spectrum has only a single channel sound device, how do they produce the horn effect which sounds like a chord? I have an idea - see what you think!

All in all, well worth adding to your collection, and a pleasant change from alien-zapping.


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