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Run For Gold
By Hill MacGibbon
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #95

This preview copy came without instructions so I may have missed out some aspects! Featuring the same save to Microdrive options as previously reviewed games written by Fiveways, this is a simulation of running at an athletics meeting.

Unlike the present crop of joystick-driven athletics game you don't have to 'drive' the feet. Here on level one you control energy use, and a quick start, whilst on level two you must steer your runner. This is very difficult, even with a joystick, and results in your colliding with other athletes or running off the track to instant disqualification! A series of menus set up the game with choice of level, length of race, opponents and joystick protocol.

The graphics are superb. Enormous animated monochrome sprites show the runners in detail. You can switch to a map to see your position more clearly. The track, crowds and stands are all clearly shown - very impressive.

Whilst the execution of this concept is immaculate, I didn't find playing it as intriguing as Yacht Race or Rally Driver from the same publisher. You may like it better.


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