Home Computing Weekly

Know Your Own Psi-Q

Author: D.M.
Publisher: Mirrorsoft
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #103

It's only fair to warn you that this review was written by a sceptical, anxious extrovert who shows no evidence of extrasensory perceptiveness! If you already suspected this, then you may well be interested in this package.

Via a series of questionnaires, your receptiveness to the idea of psychic ability is assessed together with some aspects of your personality. Following this, a second program is loaded which will then give you the opportunity to relax by synchronising a pulse with your heart rate, and displaying some patterns to watch on the screen. The computerised pulse gradually, almost imperceptibly, slows down, and your pulse rate should follow.

You are then ready to take the tests. You may either play guess the playing card, predict the colour, and two grid games where you have to locate either the smiling face or the hidden submarine. You are encouraged to do this 50 times for each option in order to produce a result of some statistical significance. Having done so, an analysis of this significance is given, as is the opportunity to save the results of your test to tape. You are encouraged to use the games often as the accompanying manual assures that practice improves performance.

Though written in BASIC, the standard of programming and screen presentation are excellent, quite a joy to behold, though the patterns used for relaxation are spoiled by attribute problems on the Spectrum's screen.

I don't believe a word of it... but then you know what I'm like ... don't you? Pricey!


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