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The Professional Touch: Magic
By Macmillian
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #132

A tape and book package to let you in on a few trade secret~ of magicians and give you a httle education-by-stealth at the same time. The well-written and nicely i1Iustrated book goes briefly into the background, then launches into an enormous number of tricks showing you not only how to perform them, but also how to make your props. They range from simple to sophisticated, but are all quite convincing. Thus you can go for The Invulnerable Balloon, Multiplying Money, Eggs from Nowhere, The Tube of Mystery, Mindreader's Cards, and Vanishing Coins, and learn a few tricks of the trade for smoothing the quality of your performance.

The accompanying software presents tricks which use the computer as part of your paraphernalia. Divided into sections, you can select your tricks, learn how to use them, receive hints and tips, sequence the tricks you have selected together with appropriate music, then use your Spectrum not only as a helper, but as the means whereby the curtains are opened and closed too. It has to be said, however, that some of the tricks really don't need a computer, and might be just that bit more impressive if performed by a mere mortal.

Unlike many other supposedly educational software packages, this one is very well produced with smooth scrolling graphics, decent error trapping, and, would you believe, the built-in facility to save the lot to Microdrive. Please copy this idea everyone else!


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