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Home Computing Weekly

By Silicon Joy
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #93

A compilation of three games. Dracula's Castle features a maze of rooms, several containing lights and garlic. Drac tours the castle, then the clock starts! Steer your man, opening doors and lighting lights. Eat some garlic for protection from Drac. Score by catching bats. But watch out, the garlic only lasts 15 mins... and Drac tours the castle regularly!

Machine code and joystick control feature in Chaotic Caverns. Avoid the chasers, and paint the walls of the deceptively simple looking maze yellow. Succeed, and you will be rewarded with a more difficult maze and more chasers.

Ascot is a horse race simulation for up to six players. It allows the usual bets, with your Spectrum as bookie! The runners, their odds, form and colours are shown. When the betting's over, it's off to the race, which is shown complete with photo finishes. Your winnings and losses are then calculated.

Though none of these games features graphics of the highest standards. they are animated and quite acceptable. As good as some full price rip-offs, and great fun to play, the concepts behind them are unusually original. Well worth the money, and a useful addition to your collection.


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