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Home Computing Weekly

The Joffe Plan
By Mirrorsoft
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #102

Whereas the Psi-Q program from Mirrorsoft left me rather cold, this seems to be of much greater value. It's a weight reduction package which actually treats you like a grown up! First your height, weight, age and sex are input and as a result, your ideal weight range, is calculated. From that a target weight and the date by which you should achieve it are displayed. You can then negotiate with your Spectrum as to the target date and weight. If you choose to go too fast, you are warned about the dangers.

When you've settled your targets, another program is loaded which is a very detailed questionnaire about your eating habits. As a result of this, a personal plan is drawn up for you, which makes simple, and non-horrendous suggestions as to how you should modify your eating behaviour. Again, these mods are negotiable.

You are then encouraged to take a little more exercise again, nothing awful, but enough to change your consumption of energy. Finally, you are told about penalties if you are naughty and don't stick to the deal! How come? You have to report in to your Spectrum on certain days to let it know how you're doing, and it compares your results with those previously saved to tape!

Excellent presentation together with a good manual and an approach to eating, exercise and self-control that really does seem sensible without being oppressive. You might just succeed with this where the boring traditional diet fails. It's easier to be honest with a computer!


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