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Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #80

Astronomer is amazing. Taking latitude, longitude, and time parameters it calculates the position of the stars and planets, then displays them in a variety of formats so that you can peep into the future, or the past, and view the night sky exactly as it will be, or was, from any point on the Earth.

When viewing a section of sky you can ask that constellations are drawn in, or planets highlighted or you can view the planets in the Solar System, and watch their movement from the input date.

Using the Spectrum's computational facilities, any view from any part of the Earth at any time can be synthesised, so it is suitable for enthusiasts to calculate rising and setting times, and positions of bodies in the Solar System. There is, however, a time penalty while the Spectrum grapples with the maths involved.

The graphics are stunning, it's like looking up on a clear night, and there's a fascination in looking at the sky as the Romans saw it, or on the night of your birth. A well written manual guides your use of this first class package.


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