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Home Computing Weekly

Holy Grail
By Dream
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #66

"The world's first funnvised graphic adventure" proclaims the smart packaging of this tape. You are cast as Sir Tappin the Basic, and your task is to find the holy grail and return it to Camelot Castle.

The screen presentation is very reminiscent of the Hobbit. The standard of graphics is high. but that's where the similarity ends.

Humour is a funny thing, no pun intended! This didn't make me laugh! The CND picket by the nuclear powered lamp, the nurk who bartered me to death with a VIC-20, and drowning in a cesspit all left me cold. The only thing to produce a reaction was the French guard, who smothered me to death in a nasty green substance from his nose.

There are stinking forests, muddy verges, motorways (in the Middle Ages?) and, whoopee, more cesspits! The accompanying instructions set the low tone.

It's undeniably clever, well executed, and very good value for money. I, however, was so unamused that, after my third death, I didn't want to go any further. If you're into lavatory humour you may like it better.


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